Below are a selection of recent exhibitor testimonials:

Thank you for your collective exemplary professionalism in staging and managing an excellent series of exhibitions.  From years of experiencing a variety of exhibition qualities I have to admit you, as a team run one of the best.  Thanks again for inviting us into your family. It's a tiring but exciting adventure.

Michael White, Founder & CEO, Drug Safe Australia


Outstanding experience for us as first time exhibitors! Great turn out and overall a great experience!

Rimon Barbar, Jolly Miller Café


We launched our new Mr Whippy and Pretzel World mobile concepts at the show – we wanted to get in front of as many people as possible, and this is the best way to do it, so people can see, touch and feel the concept.   Over the three days we received upwards of 150 leads for the two brands. I’d say 10% of those were very serious; we met many genuine buyers.

Jason Charles, Franchised Food Company


This is the best way to launch a new brand that isn’t really well known. In one weekend we have met more people than we could have hoped to reach otherwise. We have had a very good weekend, we have more than a dozen good leads, and they are very serious.

Aroha Leigh, Love Pollo


This is our first show and we are very pleased with the result. We have met lots of people who are interested in our concept. We have also found it was very beneficial to meet other exhibitors and learn from them.

Debbie Hewitt & Malcolm Williams, Memory Keepsakes


This has been an excellent show. In fact I would say Friday was the best first day we have had in five years. We had 115 leads for EmbroidMe from Friday alone.

Patrick Ryan, United Franchise Group


We took 30 enquiries on Friday, 50 on Saturday and Sunday, which is very exciting. Lots of people have come through and they are the right kind of people for us.

Peter Collins, Ferguson Plarre


Since we started franchising this year we have sold franchises in Brisbane, WA, SA and Victoria. I’d say 60% of those franchises we’ve gained from being at the Expo. It’s obviously worthwhile for us to be here. But what I really enjoy is the networking, you never know who you’ll meet.

Jeff Rankin, Portermark


This has been a good show, we have a dozen or so strong leads who are now in our system. This is not a franchise for everyone, we pre-qualify beforehand. Meeting face to face is very important. We had one guy in our system, he was interested and he came to meet us at the Sydney show – that’s what got him over the line.

Stacey Gilbert & Les Coppin, Snap-on Tools


This has been an excellent show. We have 45 strong leads to follow up. It has been steady since it opened.

Mike Geddes, Poolwerx


What an incredible show! It has been insane, we haven’t stopped talking for three days. We’ve scheduled back-to-back meetings with people who are very interested. They have filled in application forms and are ready to go.

Brad Aylett & Kevin Scrimshaw, National Drones


We are very happy with the Expo this year, recently we sold a franchise from the show in Brisbane.

We have had solid interest in Melbourne with lots of leads to follow up; I am staying another week in Melbourne to meet everyone. We have one very serious lead in Melbourne and another in Geelong, I’m sure there will be more.

Cam Hadlow, Dream Doors


We weren’t sure what to expect, as it’s our first show. But it has been great, we have met lots of people and have good leads to follow up. This is a very family-friendly franchise and we have met lots of families who think it would suit their lifestyle.

Brooke Billett, Jump Swim School


The Expo has been awesome, we haven’t stopped. We are looking for 3-4 franchisees in Victoria and we have met a lot of people who are really interested. There are a great variety of franchises at this show and it is good to be here among them all.

Chris Burgess, TQ Stone


This has been a good show, lots of good leads especially on Sunday.  I have four interviews scheduled with prospective franchisees so I am very happy.

Dirk Heinart, Clark Rubber


We also do the pet shows, but we need to speak to people who want to run their own business, not just people who love dogs. We have 15 solid leads, so we are very pleased with this show.

Michelle and Dominic D’Abate, Stop n Paws


It was definitely worthwhile coming from Perth. It’s important to have a personal touch and meet face to face. Someone came from Geelong to see us. I think it’s very good exposure being here.

Julian Purser, Grasshopper Soccer


We are very particular about the kind of people we talk to, and we met some great candidates. They were very genuine enquiries, people who had done their research. We will be busy following up in the coming weeks.

Martin Warner, Home Instead


We made lots of contacts so we are very happy. It’s a great way to get our name out there.

Chris Crook, Fix n Chips