Consultancy Services

Darbecca carry out independent building inspections on new home builds only.
Darbecca identify defects – major and minor - in new homes, both during the building process as well as during the warranty period after handover. Darbecca carry out comprehensive visual inspections of dwellings. At the necessary stages of construction, Darbecca provide a written report based on the National Construction Code, Australian Standards, Domestic Building Contract Laws, Local Authority Guides and Manufacturers’ Installation Instructions.
Darbecca give their clients peace of mind. Why? Because an investment in a home is the biggest investment that most people make in their lifetime. And it’s a scary one…fraught with emotion and stress. Why? Because, ultimately the homeowners are responsible for the quality of the build.
Darbecca Consultants look at the house as if it was their own. This approach means that they have become the most respected Independent Building Consultants in Victoria and Queensland and they’re ready to infiltrate the rest of the Australian and New Zealand market. Darbecca are looking for people to help further the success of the business and its brand. For others to continue setting the gold standard in home building inspections.
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