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Egnitus Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd is a B2B franchisor and business growth solution provider for growing companies around the world. The company has successfully developed, protected and tested its business model and its solutions in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Equipped with its intellectual property and unique business model, Egnitus is using equity crowd funding method as the platform to grow in each market.


Strategy Management

Competency Management

Appraisal Management

Learning Management

Experience Management

Used separately or combined, you can have the help and support to achieve success by improving and increasing productivity.

With over 10 years of market presence, Egnatium gives you peace of mind by securing business success.

Egnatium Franchise Advantage

Advantage 1 - Lead Time

It takes 30 working days to get started with your Egnatium franchise business

Advantage 2 - Continuity and Revenue Assurance

Assured continuous repeat income with renewal of cloud subscription.

Advantage 3 - Simple Model to Follow

2 is all you need! The system is based on the franchisee and one support employee.

Advantage 4 - Comprehensive Franchisee Support

Dedicated team to provide continuous and exclusive sales, marketing and operation support to the franchisees.

Advantage 5 - Franchisee Model Builds on your strengths and experience.

Hand-picked experienced corporate executives in the fields of expertise of our packages to be our franchisees.

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