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Want to franchise your business?

You’ve realised it’s the best way to grow any business and know you have to get it right to succeed.

But you don’t know how?

Don’t fall for the trap of making the serious mistakes many do and just try to get it running without experienced help.

Hello, my name is Brian Keen and I know I can assist.

Visit stand B35 to learn how we’ve pushed the boundaries and developed the world-first system with our three-step Franchise Success Path.

This takes you through a clear step-by-step process so you learn about the nuances of franchising and put the essential modifications in place to go from a single business or concept to a thriving franchise group.

We know every business is different and each of you will come to us needing help in different specialised areas. This is why we work with a highly skilled team of franchise savvy business experts – franchise territories, franchise accountant, franchise lawyer, franchise branding and marketing and more – all working with me to get you to the best results.

We also recognise, each of you will come to us not needing help with everything. So we have developed a flexible process where you only pay for what you need and know what you are getting upfront. If you do find you really should think further about something left off your list, it can be added later. And it all starts with our Kickstart

You can work at your own pace or work closely with us and take your business from where it is now to recruiting your first franchisees within three months. We have clients who have managed to do just that – from concept and from existing business to visiting the next Franchising Expo looking to build their franchise team.

To learn how they did it you can attend one of our FCA-certified Kickstart Franchise Training Workshops on June 15th & 16th and through 2024.

I started in business over 40 years ago in the building industry and moved into franchising well over 30 years ago as a franchisee with Bedshed. I then sold my seven Bedshed outlets and started the Franchise Alliance, a franchise consultancy helping businesses convert to franchising, working with big groups such as Jim’s, Brumby’s, Donut King, Domino’s, Kwik Kopy and Cash Converters to expand into different States and developing and growing our own franchise groups such as Expense Reduction Analysts which we brought in from the US as a concept, and taking other groups out internationally. We actually franchised the Franchise Alliance through Australia and New Zealand and the step-by-step franchising process we developed then for our franchisees is the foundation of the processes in use by other consultants and franchisors throughout Australia today.

Over the years I have seen businesses I’ve worked with grow by well over $9bn using the franchise model.

So visit Stand B35 and find out how my extensive hands-on business and franchising experience can help you achieve the business growth you are after.

I would love to meet you.

P.S. And if you are an existing franchisor we can help refresh your model, just as we did with Secrets-shhh and others.

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