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Maintenance Services

HydroKleen offers a comprehensive air conditioning cleaning and sanitisation service with a unique Guarantee and cleaning machine designed and manufactured right here in Australia.

HydroKleen specialises in cleaning and sanitising split systems, window units, ceiling cassette units and ducted systems.

HydroKleen offers bacterial swabbing and testing of units, comprehensive cleaning and sanitising and exterior coil protection as just some of their services. Best of all the cleaning agents and cleaning process have been approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice Program to ensure that you, your family and those under your care Breathe Healthy Air.

After a HydroKleen your air is fresh and healthy, reducing sickness and helping you live a healthier life. This is because air conditioners can harbour a variety of organisms such as mould, mildew, fungi, bacteria and human DNA, (skin cells), if not regularly cleaned.

When you get your air conditioner cleaned with HydroKleen you will not only stay healthier, you will also save money, as the unit will run more efficiently.

We pride ourselves on our prompt and professional cleaning service; we will be there when you need us and we will do the job to the highest standards.

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