Frankston City Council Economic Development Team

Education or Training, Government Services

Businesses play a vital role in sustaining and strengthening our economy.

It is our vision is to foster that thriving, sustainable and resilient economy by attracting and supporting business success, employment opportunities and growth in Frankston City.

From manufacturing, construction, retail and hospitality to home-based services, health care, beauty and real estate, Frankston City is bustling with 44,000 small and medium enterprises helping to strengthen our economy and make this city the best place to live, work, play, learn and invest.

Over the past decade, Frankston City has witnessed unprecedented growth and there’s no sign of it slowing down. With a 20,000-population increase expected over the next 20 years, it is our commitment to help create a robust, forward thinking, energetic, exciting and progressive suburb, city, municipality and region in Melbourne.

We aim to become an epicenter of innovation, growth, industry, modernity and thinking to support and compliment the expected population growth and therefore we are on the hunt for businesses, investors and developers to help us cater to the demand.

We support and encourage the people and businesses of Frankston City through our innovative and successful support programs, so that when businesses are looking to invest, they look to Frankston City.

30 Davey Street
VIC 3199

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