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The Kool Kidz business model aims to build an excellent reputation with a focus on high quality outcomes for children. Kool Kidz Approved Providers are family people with strong family values drawing on their own experiences when dealing with their very own community of families.

Approved Providers are dedicated, committed people with a financial stake in their own business and are very willing to work tirelessly in order to succeed. It is a legal requirement that Approved Providers spend a vast majority of their time working with families and educators ensuring the people who own the business, run the business and ultimately take full responsibility.

1. State of the Art Facility

- The Kool Kidz floor plan design promotes the maximum effective supervision of children at all times, child safety, flexible room configurations and a bright open plan to encourage a warm, bright and friendly environment.
- Many safety features have been built into our facilities to minimise any potential harm or access of unauthorised persons.
- Quality age appropriate play equipment, toys and resources are always available for educators to help implement quality programs.
- Playgrounds are age appropriate to maximise children’s outdoor experiences, encouraging energy release and the exploration of our great natural outdoors.
- Kool Kidz are constantly introducing a wide variety of new equipment and experiences for the children to explore and engage with.

2. High Quality

- We only employ dedicated, passionate, experienced qualified staff who are committed to their own professional development.
- We support quality partnerships with families based on honest communication with quality feedback and interactions.
- We ensure higher than required educator to children ratios.
- We offer quality early learning through the Kool Beginnings Curriculum Learning Blocks.
- We have effective mentoring programs that support all educators to continue their own learning.
- Our educators only use approved age appropriate positive behaviour guidance strategies.
- We maintain high quality hygiene practices at all times.

3. High Quality Early Educational Programs

Kool Kidz recognises the early years (from birth to preschool) as a time which can heavily influence the potential of a child’s future years, so all Kool Kidz locations offer:

- An emergent curriculum.
- Learning, guiding and intentionally teaching through play with lots of encouragement in a positive learning atmosphere.
- Interesting content and a variety of themes and topics offered throughout the year.
- Individual and group project work initiated through children’s interests and educators observations.
- Fun activities, games and songs for all age groups.
- Free individual expression in children’s artwork through a wide variety of art materials.
- Visits from members from our local community and specialised learning events.
- Verbal and written reports highlighting individual learning and development and progress in all key areas.

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