LōKAHI Wellness

Entertainment or Leisure, Health & Beauty, Recreational Services, Sport & Fitness

LoKAHI Wellness was created from the need for complimentary therapies to support an individual’s physical and mental health, being accessible, affordable and integrated. Do you have a personal drive to help others with their health and wellness journey? The LoKAHI Wellness franchise is for you.

Each Centre houses therapies to assist wellness including, float tank therapy, infrared sauna, lymphatic drainage, cryotherapy, massage, oxygen therapy, cryoliposuction and brain tap. In addition, there are optional complimentary therapies such as CVAC, red-light therapy and cold therapy plus practioner services such as chiropractic and healing modalities. All of our treatments are suitable to undertake either individually or in combination with one another to reap additional benefits and fully support everyone on their health and wellness journey.

We are driven by helping people to take control of their own health - we know that every body has the ability to heal itself, it just needs to be put in an environment where it can.

If you have a real passion for health and a love of helping others in the community to achieve their self-care goals then we are here to help you realise your full potential with a LoKAHI Wellness franchise.

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7 Trade Way, Kilsyth South VIC 3137

03 9761 7037

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