My Insurance Specialist

Automotive, Building Products & Services, Commercial & Industrial Services, Courier Services, Domestic Services, Education or Training, Entertainment or Leisure, Financial Services, Food or Beverages, Health & Beauty, Industry Association, Interior Design, Maintenance Services, Manufacturing, Recreational Services, Retail

MY INSURANCE SPECIALIST can help you navigate your insurance journey.

We work with you from when the policy commences right through to claims, taking away the worry, confusion, and frustration.

As your trusted business insurance champion, we act for you.

With access to over 140 insurance partners, we are confident that we can help you find the RIGHT cover at the BEST price.

Some examples of industries, where we can assist by providing tailored business insurance advice include:

• Franchisors & Franchisees
• Children Related Products & Services
• Courier Services
• Entertainment or Leisure
• Health & Beauty
• Commercial & Industrial Services
• Food or Beverages
• Hire or Rental Services
• Manufacturing
• Industry Association
• Building Products & Services
• New business start ups
• And much more...

We’re here to help make insurance easy to understand.

MY INSURANCE SPECIALIST, your Trusted Business Insurance Champion.

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