N1 Holdings

Business Services, Consultancy Services, Financial Services, Mortgages & Loans, Real Estate

N1 Holdings is positioned in the market as a direct lender (both as a balance sheet lender and manager of mortgage fund) in the Australian SMEs sector, the largest employers group in Australia. With the growth in lending from non-traditional sources, such as alternative banks and non-bank funders and lenders, N1 with its unique competitive advantages is perfectly placed to advise businesses through this changing lending environment and debt/capital market.

N1 Holdings also provides strategic financing advice to SMEs, project developers and property investors seeking new capital/debt, or refinancing existing debt. We assist borrowers through the complex processes of obtaining debt capital from Australian major banks, private funds, and offshore debt capital providers.

Apart from business lending, N1 core business also includes cross-border corporate financing, project funding, fund trustee services and vendor finance solutions.


Suite 502, 77 King Street, Sydney NSW 2000

+61 2 9262 6262

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