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Our philosophy is simple - provide delicious food and treat everyone like family. Established in 1986, Oporto was founded on bringing authentic Portuguese flavours to Bondi Beach. People could sense that it was something special, and word quickly spread. A relentless focus on fresh, flavour-some food coupled with a youthful, fun and vibrant experience, Oporto has carved a unique place for itself in the Australian food industry. Oporto has developed into a strong player within the quick service restaurant market over the past 3 decades and this growth is set to continue. With a well-developed, tried and tested system and the assistance of a large, well-resourced team Oporto presents an excellent opportunity for franchisees that do not have experience in the food sector.

To own an Oporto store (or any business in Australia), you simply need to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. There are no formal qualifications necessary. That’s not to say that there isn’t a strict vetting process, however. Oporto may be all about familia, passion and a fiesta environment, but the success of our brand depends on the quality of our franchise partners. In other words: we take this process very seriously.
So we look for business-minded folks who are capable of both working within and leading a team. A love of customer service is also imperative. If you have all those qualities, we’ll give you the knowledge and support you need to be successful.

As a member of the Oporto family, you’ll have access to extensive training and ongoing support to get you ready for franchise success. You’ll start with a ten-week franchise partner induction program designed to supercharge your small business retail qualifications. A combination of classroom, hands-on and in-store sessions will equip you well with the knowledge you need. And if you’ve never worked in the retail food industry before, that’s A-OK. You’ll learn everything you need to know from us. And we’ll be there to help you with support and advice for years to come. During the early stages, we’ll even help you to set up a financial management and business plan.

Oporto is one of the most instantly recognisable brands in the Australian quick service food industry. Its festive, youthful vibe is there in every element of our restaurants. With a modern, fiery menu, Portuguese inspired restaurant design and vibrant branding, what’s not to celebrate? Oporto is in a period of rapid growth. Aussies love our style and they can’t get enough of our food, so we need to grow our franchise familia to keep up with demand! We’ve identified dozens of perfect locations for new restaurants and now we need some new franchise parceiros (partners) to join the team. Oporto was born from one man’s passion and his philosophy was simple, ‘provide unique and delicious food in a friendly environment’... and that is exactly how it was, everyone who came to the shop were considered friends... family. Our team are instilled with his passion and commitment. We are nimble, agile, and are focused on the customer experience, the family experience. Together we strive for success and to make a world of difference.


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