Polished Diamonds - Jewellery Design

Manufacturing, Retail

Polished Diamonds Jewellery Design is an award-winning retail business with strong growth and demand from around Australia. We are unique in that we use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to showcase engagement, anniversary or wedding rings in actual proportion allow clients to make style changes. The CAD files show actual finger size, width, depth, stone count and measurements so clients view the actual proportions. We then send the CAD file to a 3D printer to grow a wax prototype which is then invested into Gold, Platinum or Palladium and the ring is created. Our talented team then polish the metal and set the gemstones/diamonds - the result is a symmetrically perfect custom made jewellery item of the highest quality. Our clients are Millenials getting engaged and they demand innovation, customisation and value - Polished Diamonds is positioned to capture this growing market segment.
Our strategy requires design studio showrooms to meet and discuss designs with clients. As the owner of an entire state territory, there is immense potential to expand and create a big business. If you have excellent English, Sales/Marketing, Professional acumen and can fund the franchise establishment we'd like to hear from you.