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We help franchisors and franchisees 'Master their Business, Master their Money, and Master Themselves' so they can fast-track their dreams of business, sport, and life success.

Quality Mind Global is a leading international mental wellness coaching and licensing business with over 1000 clients in 50+ countries. We rapidly reprogram people's minds via our systemised IP & customised technology, enabling our clients to maximise their true potential & achieve greater success, happiness, health & wealth.

We also have 30 licensed Mind Mentors™ from 8 countries currently on the team and we are now recruiting again due to our continued global expansion.

We have offices in UAE, India, and Mexico, and soon the US.

Come and say hi, we are at stand B35.

Below is a short 2-minute video from one of our Franchisee clients, Mike McKay.


2/419 Bay Street
Brighton, Victoria, 3186

‭1300 765 433‬

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