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Red Sun Tea Shop established in 1999. We have successfully consulted over 500 franchise stores in past 20 years in Taiwan. Red Sun Tea is famous for “the Special Tea”, and so called “the Thomas Alva Edison of Taiwan.” We release a world-famous new product every year, such as Heineken green tea, it created a historical record of 2.5 million cups of Heineken green tea in 6 months in the year 2005, and caused a great sensation, even accepted several media interviews then. Red Sun Tea has officially become a worldly famous superstar of all the tea brands all around the world.

In 2016, Red Sun Tea shop broke the tradition, “Mr. Sun professionally Handmade Tapioca Pearl Shop” has founded. It breakthroughs the traditional way of producing Tapioca Pearl. Mr. Sun professionally Handmade Tapioca Pearl Shop hires a professional Tapioca Pearl handmade professor to teach the secret of producing the freshest and tastiest Tapioca Pearl, and ensures that every shop has one exclusive Tapioca Pearl producing machine, and produces all our Tapioca Pearl the premises to improve and take it to the world. Mr. Sun professionally Handmade Tapioca Pearl Shop puts “natural collagen”, and “jelly powder” into the Tapioca Pearl , it reduces 30% fat of the traditional Tapioca Pearl. Furthermore, more flavors are invented, such as, mango, strawberry, Japanese green tea, sesame and black sugar…etc. The MR.SUN Tea Shop wants to seduce your sweetest taste of happiness and makes it memorable.

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