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Tezgopool is the first truly New Billiard game invented for a standard 6 pocket pool table in over 300 years.
The game is unique requiring it's own set of balls which look traditional however, present the pool player with very different playing options.

Now, the best way to market and promote any game is to get people playing it.

In our society, other than on a private games room table, the place we see pool being played is in Clubs, Pubs and leisure centres.

We are looking for motivated, self starters, to take our game into these venues on a weekly basis and to run a profitable business running Tezgopool game nights.

This opportunity is strictly limited to just 25 master Franchise operators - Each Master Franchise Licence costs less than $10k initially, and this gives the licence holder everything they need to promote, set up and run the shows in initially 4 weekly venues, with 1 host and then to expand up to 20 venues per week with 5 hosts.

Aside from low start up costs, running costs are almost ZERO, (the Venues pay for the hosts and provide all prizes) and annual licence renewals are less than 3% of gross income, meaning the Master Franchise holder runs their business earning more than 97%.

And, best of all, this New Game is Addictive and Fun.

Call 0409707224
Go to Being launched 30 June, 2019.
Drop by 3 Dumaurier St, Chermside Qld 4032

See us at the Franchising Expo.

Wed, 22 May 2019

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