The Graffiti Eaters


Unfortunately for society, the graffiti and stain removal markets are not about to disappear, which means our services are always in demand and we have a valuable contribution to make to our communities. What we do is very technical and requires advanced training, specialty cleaning solutions and a vehicle that is equipped for fast operation and can meet stringent compliance criteria. For over 43 years, this technical business has been refined and systemised to be now at the point that it is ready for growth by taking on business partners. This second generation family business is excited to open up this opportunity to like minded business people who are looking for a mobile service based business with high barriers to entry and a successful proven history. A Graffiti Eaters Franchise opportunity is a comprehensive all inclusive turn key business model. You just need to add passion, dependability, mastery and loyalty! Come and talk to us today.

29 The Concord, Bundoora Vic 3083

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