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Laura Piccardi is an International Stress Management Expert, Performance Coach, Speaker and Author of bestselling book, Unfaked. Having climbed her way up the franchise ladder, from trainee, to team member, to manager and franchise owner, she has an intimate understanding of the franchise industry and a passion to help all those within it.

Her incredible journey of burnout and stress, after she worked herself into the ground and watched her franchise burn down, taught her first-hand how the power of your mind and the way you communicate with yourself is the determining factor of success – in all areas of your life.

We are in the midst of a busyness epidemic. Statistics of lifestyle-related disease and levels of distress are through the roof, particularly within the small business community. So in order to grow a successful franchise network, it's imperative that the franchisees know how to master the way they communicate with themselves, so they can prevent burnout and promote peak performance.

This is why Laura has made it her mission to help other franchise owners and teams change the way they think and behave, so they too can take total control of their business, health and lives, and create the success and happiness they deserve.

Typical results include:
- Business growth
- More engaged teams
- Stronger cultures
- Healthier and happier franchise owners and teams
- Greater influence and impact in the industry

Laura delivers her proven Uppy methodology via:
- Online courses
- Coaching
- Workshops & retreats
- Keynote presentations

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